Monday, April 25, 2011

Come fly with me.....

Ever wonder why Geese fly in a V? We all could learn something from this facinating bird! The aerodynamic V shape reduces the drag on each bird in comparison to a bird flying alone. Geese can achieve a greater distance of 70 percent when flying in groups. When the lead bird tires it drops back into the V and another bird moves forward. Each bird takes their turn in the responsibility of leading. If a goose is injured or sick during the flight and falls out, two other geese fall out with it and remain with that goose as a protector until it is able to fly again or until it dies. At that point they rejoin the formation. What a demonstration of teamwork and loyalty.

It amazes me how God created these animals who sometimes are more compassionate than we humans are. There is so much to learn from these birds. And there is so much to be learned from our Creator who created all of us and made us in a way that we should work together and help each other. When someone we know "falls out" what is your reaction? Do you fall out and stay by their side until they regain their strength or do you keep flying on without a care or just simply afraid to take the time to stay by the side of someone who is hurting.

I love that God placed simple instructions for us not only in the bible but in the way he created nature! I have worked in the field of Nursing and one of the common sayings you hear about nurses is "they eat their young", meaning watch out if you're new to the game. Its so easy to watch people fall and then set back and place judgement on them. I've experienced that myself. It takes a strong person to stand up and help someone else who is broken and needs "protecting" until they are ready for flight. Yet even the geese follow their Creator's plan and know when to fall out and help one of their own.

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