Thursday, July 1, 2010

FAITH isnt faith until it's all you've got

I saw a sign on someone's desk one time that said "faith isn't faith until it's all you've got". I've dwelled on those words for years since. I am a keen observer of human nature. My favorite pastime is watching people. They facinate me. I've learned that it's very easy to claim faith when life is good, the bills are paid, your health is good, and you have all of your needs met. Those people who have that all of the time are very good at preaching faith! However, I've watched people when they are down and out and that's where their true measure of faith comes in. When someone has lost almost all that is important to them and they dont know how they are going to survive, thats when I want to hear where their faith is! This time last year I entered a class taught by Dr. Steve Loyd. I talked to him about how I wasnt sure if life was actually going to get better or if I could survive what I was going through. He told me that in a year I would see a completely different person in myself if I just stuck it out. He was right. How did I get through that year? Faith. Faith that things would be better. Faith that God chose me for a higher purpose than to just wither away without fulfilling my dreams. Faith that He is in control and I didnt have to really worry about it. After that, I took Dr. Loyd's advice and just did "the next right thing". A year later I am standing here looking my future in the face, realizing that being a full time humanitarian 24/7, 365 days a year is possible and will happen. That's the message I hope to convey to recovering addicts when I meet with them. That faith is one of the most important words they could hold onto in the midst of their recovery. I am getting ready to enter another class titled "companioning". It's designed to help those of us that are interested in helping others with our "motivational interviewing' skills, setting boundaries with the person we are mentoring and using our life experiences to help them. I felt honored to get into this class because they only take six people at a time because of the intensity of it. A year ago you would have had to talked to me and spent time with me to see what a transformation I have come through. One person took the time to talk to me. The first time I listened to them speak I knew I wanted to have that same affect on others. One life, one difference is our motto. Just changing one life at a time can make all the difference!

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