Monday, May 2, 2011

I am probably one of the most patriotic mothers I know. I was the best at being a "Marine Mom" when my son was a Marine. I wrote him everyday he was at Parris Island. I made the long trip down there just to watch him march in from the Crucible and get his EGA. I love to hear the Marine Cadences. Watching the EGA ceremony on Parris Island to this date is the most patriotic thing I have ever witnessed in my life. I watched as Kyle went to Iraq twice and I ached for the most part the entire time he was gone.

Right before he left for his second tour of duty to Iraq he caught me in the laundry room crying and he asked me what was wrong. All I could get out in between sobs was "Kyle I just want you to come home". He stood up with his chest out and he said "Momma, I'm coming home because I know, I have faith, I believe and God has told me, that there is more for me to do than just be a Marine and I'm coming home to do it". Then he followed by saying "And I'm coming home to marry Jessica". We both laughed and I told him I was counting on it.

I admit that I hated war, but I supported my son because he chose to be a Marine. I panicked on 9/11 because I knew what that meant for my child and for our family. I hated that our country had to suffer so much loss and still suffers from loss today. Every time someone has to bury their child I feel a twinge of guilt because mine made it home and I know that they prayed just as hard for their child to come home as I did for mine.

Yet when I see how we Americans rejoice over killing someone I am torn. My flesh says yes, but my spirit says NO. Do we not have faith in our God to handle those situations? Are we so overcome with fear that we cant rest until its done our way, the way we think it should be done?

I have witnessed miracles in my life. I watched my child come home safely from war, not once but twice. And he went on to get married, have four beautiful children and graduate Magna Cum Laude from college. I have watched as my daughter was almost crippled from MS and after a successful treatment three years ago she walked out of the hospital and drove us home. If I trust God for such miracles, how is it that I couldn't trust him to serve judgement on those that harm us? God says that vengeance is His! Have you ever thought that maybe the reason God had not taken the terrorist mastermind of 9/11 is so that someone could introduce him to Jesus Christ and help save his soul so that when he did die, he died having experienced salvation and the love of God? Its not a popular thought I'm sure, but I'm just saying.

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