Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There is relief in being discovered!

Life as we know it is unpredictable. You never know what road you may end up going down, either by choice or by chance. I have taken many detours. Detours I never intended to take, however circumstances and my own choices took me through those detours.

When someone in the public messes up I always love to watch people's reactions. A lot of people take a "holier than thou" approach. Some people make fun of them and laugh at the mistakes they have made. I read a local newspaper article this week about a local businessman who is having to auction his extravagant house. I was taken back by the comments people posted on line under the article on the newspapers web site. People just absolutely demolished the guy and his wife. They insulted them, laughed at them having to sell their "castle" and completely got off track about the article. I couldn't believe that so many people would put so much energy into laughing at someone else's demise. Then came the Arnold Scwarzenegger fall out. More people on a national level had their opinions and their funny remarks. I always hear that old Don Henley song in my head when I see people do this. You know the one where he talks about how people love "dirty laundry". And he sings "kick 'em when their up, kick 'em when their down, kick 'em when they sit, kick 'em all around".

I have a new found respect for people who go through tough times, some embarrassing, and who stand up and say "yes, I lied, I made mistakes" or "I'm broke and in financial ruins". It takes more courage than a lot of people have to do something like that. Yet a lot of people don't do it because of the ridicule and condemnation they are afraid to suffer through.

What do you want to bet that today Arnold feels relieved that his transgressions are out and that he no longer has to hide them? Psalms 32 speaks of David and how his bones ached because of his sin and his silence and how God's hand was heavy upon him. He goes on to talk about how he found relief in confessing his sin to God. Maybe more of us should put that into practice. Throw caution to the wind and be unafraid of what others think or say and unload all of our sins and secrets. There is relief in being discovered.

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