Monday, June 13, 2011

The truth hurts!

I am a lover of truth. As painful as it may be at times, I still want to hear it and know it. I listen for it. Beg for it. Pray for it and search the world over for it. For me there is no better relief then when I can say the truth. Sometimes it offends people. Sometimes it hurts them. Yet knowing the truth is a freedom.

Those of you close to me know that I have wrestled for the truth for the last few years in a marriage that was never close to truth. When all was said and done I asked for the truth, even though I already knew it, I gave the other person a chance to say it. To me it would tell me where he was in his life, in his growth and in his respect for himself and for me.

Much to my dismay I never got it. It was painful, and it was ugly and I would have respected him for hurting me with the truth rather than trying to escape by looking good and living a lie. I will never hear the truth from that person, even though I am so aware of all of the ugly lies and the details that led to our demise. Yet I feel free now. Free because I know and I have seen and I have witnessed the truth. Whoever said that the truth shall set you free, was right. And in due time God always reveals the truth when He knows you are ready.

My daughter and I share a twisted sense of humor. We actually understand each others jokes. When I told her all that I had found out she hugged me and I cried. She said "momma, are you crying over him?" I said "no, I feel stupid, I got dumped for a white mini van with Nascar tags". We both busted out laughing and the truth!

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