Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sorry seems to be the hardest word!

There is a song that says "sorry, seems to be to be the hardest word"! Having come through a few hard years, I have realized the amounts of "sorry" I need to say. I knew someone for the last nine years that I thought to be one of the more honest people I knew. I stood up for them, protected them, and fought to make others believe they were honest. I had some people though that had known them, either through marriage, friendship or work, who didn't feel the same way I did. I probably projected anger onto these people that was unwarranted. As this person was investigated through work for something, I personally called their boss and gave a good word to him. As their ex-spouse and someone else who was in a relationship with them, bashed the person and called them a liar and a cheater, I faced them head on and treated them as if they were just bitter ole hags probably. I took everything this person said to be nothing but the truth and I defended them at all costs. I was angry at the people who mistreated them.

Fast forward a few years, and I am standing with my head in shame, as it is once again discovered that they have cheated on another spouse and done things at work that are unethical, lied adamantly and denied accusations that came from several people. I have listened as co-workers have told why they removed themselves from this person and I have watched a behavior pattern that supports what even the their own mother said she concerned her and even cried about her concerns.

Now I am faced with having to go to some of these people that I mistreated on this person's behalf and say "I'm sorry", because I feel that I owe it to them and to myself. I misjudged people based on this person's opinions and stories. I snubbed people who had genuinely been hurt by this person's dishonesty and unethical ways. Even justified how they broke their own child's heart over and over with betrayal. So after some thought I realized that I had to say sorry. Even if it means someone laughs at me or says "I told you so", I feel that its only right that I apologize and not take away the truth from them and let them believe any longer that I think they are crazy.

Sorry is a hard word to say. It involves laying down your pride, admitting you were wrong and feeling like a fool. However, it is the right thing to do. As much as I want to look like I knew what I was doing, I have to say "I had no clue, and I'm sorry that I treated you wrong based on this person's dishonesty". However, to me one great characteristic of someone that shows how they have grown, is when they can admit they were wrong". It's a tough step to take, but it's one that grows you up, and releases a lot in you. And knowing that someone else is in your position now where they believe and think you are the one who is wrong, is tough too. Yet you know that even if they never say it, that one day they will want to say "sorry" to you for not believing you. Yes, "sorry, does seem to be the hardest word"! Yet, it's one of the most freeing words you can say!

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