Saturday, June 26, 2010

Heavy weight

Saturday I woke up and embraced the sun, rode jet skis on the lake, flew around the lake on a fast boat and soaked up the sun! I was happy to see the sun rise and fulfilled at seeing the moon in the sky tonight as I drove home. However, this time last year I wasnt in this place. I didnt care if I ever saw another sunrise or another full moon or a lake for that matter. But someone spoke a few words to me that gave me hope. Words that I hung onto and played over and over in my head for months. Thats just a small part of what I want to foundation to be. A glimmer of hope spoken to someone who is in the throws of addiction that saves them from the grave and allows them to see the sunrise and the moon hang in the sky.

But I see things around me, addictions that make my heart heavy and I see the pain that people suppress with every drink or pill and I bear a burden for them. My high today was speed. It was the joy of the sun or my daughter telling me I looked good in a bikini. Little things that you may think dont matter are the things that I hold onto. I want everyone to know that high that comes without being intoxicated or numb. I wouldnt trade this for anything. But as I get ready for bed and think about all of the people on the lake that I saw I am even more convinced that our society is out of control with addiction. I even asked myself on the way home if I was getting in over my head by taking on something this big. The answer was "no"! If anything I was even more passionate about the need for something like this. There is a song by Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews called "Im Alive". Ive listened to it alot in the last three months. "Breathing in and out is a blessing, cant you see. Today's the first day of the rest of my life, and Im alive and well".

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