Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Everyone wants peace. Peace in their hearts, their souls, their minds, their marriage and their lives as a whole. But have you ever asked for peace and then sat back and watch the storm come? I had a conversation today with a friend about the peace we feel and what we went through to get it. We both agreed that when we prayed for peace we had no idea what we were signing up for. First you ask for peace, its all you want, and then things start happening. People may leave your life. Your job or vocation may change and you may move with two weeks notice. When my marriage was over I was upset, but I was going through my journals one day after that and read where I had written, "peace, dear God just let me have peace". Now loosing my marriage, having to move and having my world turned upside down wasnt the way I pictured that happening but thats the way it happened. And as I sifted through my life and wondered what to do I realized I had asked for all of this to happen. I wanted peace, complete peace and I got it. Later the old Janet began to emerge. I felt joy. I embraced every new day and every experience and I loved deeper. Obtaining peace is not for the weak at heart and its not for someone who isnt ready for a war in their minds and lives. Sometimes in order to burn out the wreckage inside of us God has to cleanse us of everything that is stealing our joy and peace. As my friend and I talked we agreed that we were glad for the tough time we had to go through to get peace. It makes us who were are and makes us appreciate so much. Are you ready for peace in your heart and soul? The kind you wake up to and smile? When you ask for it just know that you might ought to brace yourself because youre going to get what you asked for. And its gonna be good!

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