Thursday, June 24, 2010

"The practice of compassion is the most effective way to pursue the best interest of others as well as ourselves" DalaiLama. Searching my heart has been a life long task for me. I analyze and replay everything. Most of all I dwell on how to leave my mark on the world and leave a rich legacy for my children and grand children. I attended a class last week on how to use your talents and gifts to help others and serve God. I then spent time with a Life Coach and talked about how my passion is to just be a humanitarian and save the world one person at a time. He responded by saying "thats do-able". After many days of contemplating my place in this world and in the lives of others and laying awake at night searching my heart and soul on what I really want to do. The question was asked in class last week, "what would you get up at two in the morning and do and be passionate about?" For me I knew that answer in a split second. It was to go grab someone ravaged by addiction and take the necessary steps to help them begin to save their life. Its my passion, my calling and every path I take leads me back to doing something like this. So with the help of many wonderful people who have supported my dream and peoplel who have taught me how to love and care, here I go. I waited for a long time for someone to assign something to me to do, to give me my purpose and then I realized that it was inside of me already and God had already assigned it to me. That was all I needed. So with that I have begun a non profit organization that will go out and help addicts get to recovery, and meet their basic needs as they regain their life back.

The organization is called AddictsRUs and our motto is "One Life, One Difference". I believe in saving the world one person at a time and I believe that every life is precious and was created and shouldnt be destroyed by this terrible disease. As I blog many of you will discover some very deep and dark stories from my own life, but I am convinced that in order to help others I have to show them that they can rise up from the ashes and live again. And that means telling my own personal stories.

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