Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Again, Life is Tragic, God is Good!

To many people this may just be a grown man playing on a swing. To me its my son, the little boy swinging on a swing that has hung in his grandparents backyard for over thirty years probably, with his little sister and I watching him.

It was significant to us because we had just buried Grandad that day. The man, the myth, the legend. It was me watching my grown son get in touch with his heart and his soul as he mourned the passing of his grandad. It was me watching him feel the wonder of the swing and the memories it brought back to him.
I also watched him stand on a hill beside his grandad's grave and hang on to goodbye for as long as he could. I was helpless to ease his pain. I wanted to run and grab him up and make it better. Yet I stood back with his wife and his little sister and cried as we watched him try to make sense of it all and as we watched this former Marine show what it means to stand beside someone you love. Then to see him laugh that evening as we all stood around in the yard and told old stories. Those are moments you want to last forever!

His loyalty and strength overwhelmed, made me proud and assured me that he was at peace with every step he was taking to lay his grandad to rest. What an honor to look upon your child and see such loyalty and love and devotion. What a blessing to see him feel his feelings as you have always told him to do. To be a part of his life and see that kind of love is more than I could ever ask for.

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